Thursday, June 30, 2011

Scottish academy of fashion salon Show

Congratulations to: Anna Vissochi, Pamela Aitken, Mellisanthi Spei and Rachel Wilson for being chosen to represent the school at the Scottish Academy of Fashion showcase tonight, the collections looked brilliant and well represented us.
Further congratulations to Rachel Wilson for being chosen to receive one of the three Todd and Duncan awards tonight.

Another competition: UK handknitting awards 2011

Dear all
Please find a link to the UK hand knitting awards
The first prize is £1000
So if you are into hand knitting, the closing date for design submission is August the 1st 2011
with finalists then being asked to knit up their garments .
Good luck

Have you ever considered studying here?

Fashion Undergraduate courses can be found here
Fashion Postgraduate courses can be found here

If you have any specific questions please either comment or email us here

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scottish textiles industry assosciation student membership

As your Schools or Departments are Associate Members of the Scottish Textile Industry Association, I would be grateful if you could pass the following information on to your graduating students in fashion and textiles.

Our aim is to build a strong base of upcoming designers to play a part in and benefit from our strong industry network.

Benefits of Individual Membership include:

- a web profile on on the Textiles Scotland website at

- advance notice of free seminars and workshops

- access to valuable Trend information

- a way to reach potential employers, manufacturers, buyers and collaborators.

Our Designer Room - - is also an opportunity to feature news, promote work and upload designs to our Inspiration Wall.

Individual Membership costs just £48 for a year. New members can apply online at or contact me for further information.

best wishes


Fiona Duff

Project Manager STIA

t. 0131 629 6002


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Princess Frilly Knickers: Graduate Fashion Show Continued

Princess Frilly Knickers: Graduate Fashion Show Continued: "Athif's horse tail dress - all pleated - and amazing. His ruched black stain dress, held together by bar tacks looked like liquid wa..."
Quotes from Princess Frilly Knickers

Monday, June 27, 2011

DVD of fashion show

Dear all I am sorry but I have no idea when the DVD will be available. As I hear I will post to the blog.

Green fashion competition

Dear all
Now that the fashion show is over and you are all thinking what do I do now?
I would suggest looking at the following competition which goes live for individuals and teams on the 16th of July
Green fashion competition
This is a European wide competition and we need as a school to spread our wings more widely and this is a great opportunity.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scottish Academy of Fashion at InSpace Edinburgh

After the resounding success of Fridays fashion show at the Dovecot, the focus shifts across Edinburgh to this weeks Scottish Academy of Fashion showcase at the new InSpace on Bristo square. Three graduates of 2011 from the School of Textiles and Design will be showing at the very exclusive salon show and in the open show starting on Saturday.
What a fortnight....

Page statistics

Dear all
Thanks to your continuing support, this month we have exceeded 1000 hits, with the last two days each having 85 hits....something to do with the fashion show?
Visitors have come from all over the globe including: Iran, Vietnam, Russia, Greece, North America, Australia, India and Germany, showing the fashion course's international reputation and global reach. Comments as always are most welcome, espescially from our overseas visitors.

Style Scanner video on the fashion show

Looking good

New film competition

Something a little left field but as you have been exploring film as part of your degree, you might want to enter the following competition The brief is all about capturing the mood of route 66 in America. Top prize is $5000 for the first round and $25000 for the final.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The skinny preview of the fashion show

A link from earlier in the week, from "The Skinny", previewing the show.

Fashion show Dovecot 2011

Dear all
Follow the link to my pictures of yesterdays fashion show
I am sure that more things will come as you recover from the after show party.....well done everyone!
Also backstage at the Dovecot, are you in the images?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Dear all please can you hashtag on twitter #HeriotWattFashionShowDovecot as well as making sure that you have the fashion show mentioned on your blogs, facebook, bebo etc is the link to the official page on the university website.
So lets create some BUZZ

Monday, June 20, 2011

A new site for promoting your work yourpiques .com

I met the gentleman heading this up at the Borders book festival yesterday. His concept was to create a site where you can load up your designs to show the world, every six weeks people get to vote on their favourite designs which are then made and sold through the site
Why not drop in and say hello?

Isla Scott Graduate of the fashion course

fashion images

Scotsman today! Thanks so much To LLoyd and the team as well as our lovely models
Please click the photo to see more!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some great images

What is it like to be a graduate from the school of textiles and design?

Samantha Mcewan tells all to Lucy and Natasha and Kingdom of Style
come and see more this week at the Dovecot in Edinburgh

Scottish fashion awards

Congratulations to Pamela to getting to the finals of the Scottish Fashion awards.
find out more by clicking the link

Countdown to the fashion show

So here we go to the biggest show of the year. Graduation is over and I hope everyone had a fabulous day. The title links to the first piece of press in an online magazine "theedinburghreporter"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moo business cards

If you have never seen Moo, then you might like to go and visit them MOO