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MTV VMA awards

Sunday, 28 August 2011


SOOOOOO all the weeks of excitement now over! And gutted to say ..... she didn't wear it. But still what an achievement! So overwhelming to be asked to send our threads to such a prestigious event such as the MTV VMA'S. ESPECIALLY when the label is technically only 2 months old and still not officially launched and we are only going to get BIGGER and BETTER! With sooooooo many exciting things going on at the moment this has still been one of the highlights of the year being asked to send a whole loada "Isolated Heroes" threads through to LA. Also very exciting to know that KREAYSHAWN now has a package of tasty bright tribal isolated heroes delights to wear whenever she feels like it and I am positive we will see her or one of the White Girl Mob rocking that bomber in her next video!


bag and scarf competition

Front Row Society Design Challenge
Art Gallery Opening Handbag
Submissions: 15/08 – 31/08
Voting: 01/09 – 15/09
Specifications for handbag:
Height : 37cm
Width : 35cm
Material: Cotton twill
Front Row Society bags are one-of-a-kind pieces with only 100 limited edition bags being produced and sold. Each winner of a design competition at Front Row Society is invited to receive 10% of the sales revenue from the product on which their pattern has been printed. Alternatively, the winner has the option of taking a one-off immediate prize of $1350/€1000/£850 for the bag competition and $500/€350/£300 for the scarf competition.
We will also conduct an interview with the winner, publicizing their design across the international blogger community, the international fashion & design press, Front Row Society community members and to the fashion community in Berlin.
Front Row Society gives €1 of every bag sold to a social project.
Located in the less polished end of the city was the empty ware house that grew old and frail, close to expiration. But it was salvaged by a group of young, fresh vagabonds with a vision. They revived the crumbling structure and established a modern space that would unite and inspire. It was reborn as the Modern Art Gallery. The opening night was stylish and opulent; music playing, renowned artists speaking, art lovers babbling. However, the walls were bare and the frames were empty. The young vagabonds called on the city’s creatives to get to work and display their work in this new space. What would you design for this space? 
Submission Package

Here are some seasonal colours to inspire and delight.
In the unlikely event that we cannot produce your pattern the way you designed it we will communicate with you about alterations. However, we will do everything we can to ensure that the winning design is accurately produced. Designs must be original and not have been entered in other competitions. Front Row Society will select a winner from the ten designs that receive the highest score.
About us
When sitting in the front row, you are given that extra dose of comfort: more leg room; a better view. You are in the decision-making seat. Our bags reflect the qualities of front row living. With high-quality material, original design and efficient delivery we are certain that our bags will be completely, and utterly, delightful.
The concept of Front Row Society came to life through our understanding of fashion tête-à-tête. Fresh ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone. It shouldn’t matter who created them; instead, the idea itself ought to be valued. Front Row Society is an interactive platform that gives designers from all backgrounds a chance to showcase their work to the fashion-world. This unique opportunity allows people to develop their personal style and nurture their ideas...
And if the fashion-world likes it, Front Row Society will produce it.
Front Row Society’s home city is Berlin. Continuously shaped by the freedom and dynamism that plunders the streets of Berlin from morning to night, Front Row Society is very much a consequence of Berlin living. Like the city itself, Front Row Society is a work unfinished. It is constantly added to and improved by the ideas and talent of the fashion community. This is what Front Row Society is and how it will evolve – it will nurtured by you.
We have laid the foundations for something great – we need fresh ideas to build it.
Born in Berlin, created worldwide.
Deadline for submissions 31st August

Recruiting for demonstrator posts in knit and weave

The School of Textiles and Design is recruiting for two demonstrators the first in weave and the other for knit. The link to the application and job description is here
The closing date is the 9th of September 2011 so get your act together if you are going to apply.....

Friday, August 26, 2011

Inflatable fashion

Gareth Pugh

The black and white images are unknown designers from the 1950's
and the Lady in green is the only time that I will use a "celebrity" photograph
(a little guilty pleasure on the occasion of getting 10,000 hits)
This is an early sneak peek of some of the out of this world fashion that I will be referencing next month at the Fashion Colloquia at the London college of Fashion.


Thank-you for your continuing support, as you can see we have hit the money today, with our 10,000th hit!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Ways to Make Your Design Portfolio More Appealing to Employers

10 Ways to Make Your Design Portfolio More Appealing to Employers
Thank-you very much to masters graduate Vivienne Yap for this link...
This is always a critical thorny issue and I would recommend reading this (returning 4th years especially)

Dezeen magazine is a really interesting architecture and design magazine...

As you may know we are just about to welcome, both in the school in Galashiels and in Dubai, our fist cohort of interior designers. for Dubai information (stages one through four) for UK information (only stages three and four)

So welcome to the first cohort.....

In The Company of Wolves Fashion Showcase

In the Company of Wolves ( follow link to the left for facebook page) showcase, returns for its 4th year in Glasgow with two graduates of the School of Textiles and Design confirmed as contributers this year:

 Isla Scott and Samantha Mcewan.

Thanks to Emma Quinn TFDM3 for this heads up.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Collections wanted for photoshoot

From: Elsa Liddell []

Subject: photo shoot and catwalk events

Dear Heriot Watt Fashion Department,

I am working for a model agency called Maverick Models based in Manchester and we are currently looking for independent designers to feature in a couple of catwalk shows including/or a photo shoot planned for september/october. 

The photo shoot runs from 16th-24th September in the South of France with a large group of models (roughly 20 models). These images will be used for the agency and in model portfolios.

The catwalk show is on the 10th october/ 6th November being shown in both Manchester and Sheffield. We will have the show professionally photographed and filmed.

We are interested in featuring creative and innovative designs particularly in our photo shoot in September. In return, we offer the use of images taken from the show for the designers facebook page, as well as the use of the video of the show (which can be edited to suit your requirements) and full credit given on our website and blog. All items would be professionally cleaned and returned to them after these events. Would it be possible to pass this message on to fashion students that may have garments they would like to feature in either the photo shoot and/or catwalk shows?

If you have any further questions, please contact me via this email, or ring 07534 141 081. Alternatively contact us via our or ring 0161 236 2874.

Thank you, 

Elsa Liddell

Dear all I have been asked to pass this on to you if you are interested, please can you contact Elsa direct with a link to your online photos or as SMALL images via email.

Please can you also copy me in with your correspondence

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fashion Open Day 14th and 15th of October 2011

Scottish Borders Campus Open Day

14 Oct 2011 - 15 Oct 2011Scottish Borders Campus
Our open day is a great opportunity for you to meet some of our current students and staff and hear about how exciting and rewarding the student experience is at Heriot-Watt University.

Scottish Academy of Fashion showcase

You might be interested to access these online videos of the Scottish Academy of Fashion showcase.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

As India's economy booms, so getting into a top university has become harder than ever.

Indian students finding it hard to get into top class Universities according to an article posted by the BBC today.

Please vote for William Chambers ex graduate

Dear all I had this message sent to me from one of our ex graduates.
 Please could you all support him and encourage your friends to do so as well.....Thanks

I need your support as I am entering the Stephen Jones Hat Competition. Can please visit the TalentHouse link and support my profile for the Competition.
Voting begins on Friday, I will send out a reminder. Please ask all your friends to support and vote too!
thanks, William x

Killer Jeans

As ever there is an ethical issue to any aspect of fashion.....Killer jeans refers to the use of sandblasting jeans to make them look worn and aged.. The process produces silica in minute particles which after repeated exposure causes silicosis a severe lung disease. The article that brought this to my attention appeared in the Guardian newspaper as a result of research

How leather is made...

If you have ever wondered how leather for that must have handbag is made, take a look here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Somewhere to sell your things!

You have lots of options to sell your work from local stores to popup shops and of course Etsy and Folksy which both give you a global showcase. so why not give it a try and start your selling career.....
you only have to make one of your creations, indulge your photography and fashion styling just like
Gingerface on Folksy (who is selling this corset for £250) and make some money.....

If you are selling online then let me know and I will put up a link to your online store.....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Designers Makers

designers makers a great blog about contemporary makers 

Ethical fashion competition

Call to all designers and illustrators – EFF design competition 

The Ethical Fashion Forum is currently looking for a new artwork to be printed on over 1000 visitor bags and staff t-shirts for our upcoming SOURCE Expo.
This offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase and directly promote your artwork to hundreds of fashion industry professionals and be linked to such a prestigious event. The  winner's name and website featured on all bags and T-shirts, as well as on the cover of the events brochure, handed out to all visitors to the event.
SOURCE Expo, the only fashion industry trade show dedicated to ethical sourcing, is taking place the 17th and 18th of October at Salder’s Wells, London E1. It brings together international manufacturers, suppliers and cooperatives working to high ethical standards. The hundreds of visitors include representatives of large retailers, designers, entrepreneurs and many more from across the sector.
The design should be of A4 size and reflect the goals of the event. Click the link to find out more:  About SOURCE Expo

Click here for a detailed brief and design specifications.
E-mail entries to 

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Nearly 9000 blog hits

Another milestone is a bout to be reached with only 79 more hits to make 9000. (we have now reached this!!!on the 5th of August 2011)
Comments are as always welcome and if you have a blog that you would like listed then please let me know.. NEW you can sign up by email and never miss a post....
Thinking about fashion as a career? then look at the previous post about applications for September 2012...

This 9000 came from here

HMM are we turning into a train-spotter site (Anoraks, Flasks and little note books inspire anyone?)

Oh yes and this is the 151st post since we started......

My little pony

Some light fashion relief from all the rain...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The big knit (a charity project)

Just in case you knitters are bored you might like to do some charity work, Age Scotland and innocent smoothies are asking for volunteer knitters to knit hats for little smoothie bottles..... The instructions are here

Your contribution is worth 25p, so you might get your grannies involved as well..... as we all know grannies rock