Monday, August 29, 2011

bag and scarf competition

Front Row Society Design Challenge
Art Gallery Opening Handbag
Submissions: 15/08 – 31/08
Voting: 01/09 – 15/09
Specifications for handbag:
Height : 37cm
Width : 35cm
Material: Cotton twill
Front Row Society bags are one-of-a-kind pieces with only 100 limited edition bags being produced and sold. Each winner of a design competition at Front Row Society is invited to receive 10% of the sales revenue from the product on which their pattern has been printed. Alternatively, the winner has the option of taking a one-off immediate prize of $1350/€1000/£850 for the bag competition and $500/€350/£300 for the scarf competition.
We will also conduct an interview with the winner, publicizing their design across the international blogger community, the international fashion & design press, Front Row Society community members and to the fashion community in Berlin.
Front Row Society gives €1 of every bag sold to a social project.
Located in the less polished end of the city was the empty ware house that grew old and frail, close to expiration. But it was salvaged by a group of young, fresh vagabonds with a vision. They revived the crumbling structure and established a modern space that would unite and inspire. It was reborn as the Modern Art Gallery. The opening night was stylish and opulent; music playing, renowned artists speaking, art lovers babbling. However, the walls were bare and the frames were empty. The young vagabonds called on the city’s creatives to get to work and display their work in this new space. What would you design for this space? 
Submission Package

Here are some seasonal colours to inspire and delight.
In the unlikely event that we cannot produce your pattern the way you designed it we will communicate with you about alterations. However, we will do everything we can to ensure that the winning design is accurately produced. Designs must be original and not have been entered in other competitions. Front Row Society will select a winner from the ten designs that receive the highest score.
About us
When sitting in the front row, you are given that extra dose of comfort: more leg room; a better view. You are in the decision-making seat. Our bags reflect the qualities of front row living. With high-quality material, original design and efficient delivery we are certain that our bags will be completely, and utterly, delightful.
The concept of Front Row Society came to life through our understanding of fashion tête-à-tête. Fresh ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone. It shouldn’t matter who created them; instead, the idea itself ought to be valued. Front Row Society is an interactive platform that gives designers from all backgrounds a chance to showcase their work to the fashion-world. This unique opportunity allows people to develop their personal style and nurture their ideas...
And if the fashion-world likes it, Front Row Society will produce it.
Front Row Society’s home city is Berlin. Continuously shaped by the freedom and dynamism that plunders the streets of Berlin from morning to night, Front Row Society is very much a consequence of Berlin living. Like the city itself, Front Row Society is a work unfinished. It is constantly added to and improved by the ideas and talent of the fashion community. This is what Front Row Society is and how it will evolve – it will nurtured by you.
We have laid the foundations for something great – we need fresh ideas to build it.
Born in Berlin, created worldwide.
Deadline for submissions 31st August

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